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Beyond the External Beauty of a Smile

Oral health plays a vital role in the health of the body as a whole. When the health of teeth and gums begin to decline as a result of damage, decay, or disease, it can lead to overall health complications. A beautiful, healthy smile, however, can boost self-confidence, increase dietary health, and helps people maintain a more youthful look. The outside aesthetic appeal of a smile begins with health of the mouth on the inside, which is why choosing the right dentist is so important. At SmileCentric, we take both an artistic and scientific approach to your oral health, focusing not only on the aesthetics, but also on incorporating our dental expertise and technology into restoring the functional health of your smile.

Why Choose SmileCentric?

A friendly, welcoming, and engaging office environment is just one of the ways we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional dental care. If you are considering dental implants, seeking treatment for your gum disease or simply in need of teeth whitening, we make it our mission to be:

Fully Committed to Your Oral Health

We are 100 percent committed to the quality of our practice and treatments, and strive to put forth our best effort no matter the complexity of oral health needs of our patients. We strive to help you reach your best smile in the safest and most ethical way possible—a smile that is aesthetically pleasing with restored functional oral health.

Focused on Safe, Gentle Dentistry

Our gentle dentistry philosophy ensures that we will not treat any patient who is not fully numb, and we will reschedule treatment if we cannot get you to the proper level of anesthetic or sedation. Many of our patients tell us that we provide very gentle dental services, barely feel injections, and do not feel pain throughout their procedure.

Patient-Centered when Planning Treatment

We want you to be excited about and confident in your new smile, and we strive to keep you front and center during all aspects of your treatment. From patient education on oral health to offering up an artistic eye, we help you achieve your dream smile, while working to restore the function and health back to your teeth and gums.

A State-of-the-Art Dental Practice

We provide many modern dentistry solutions for the comfort and safety of our patients, including sedation dentistry options, a cone beam CT scanner, and guided implant surgery. We also boast a brand new facility equipped with modern conveniences, including a VistaClear water treatment and filtration system.

Dedicated to Experienced, Gentle Care

At SmileCentric, we are passionate about the art and science of dentistry—creating beautiful, confident smiles that are healthy and functional by incorporating our knowledge, skills, and the latest in dental technology into every treatment and procedure. Dr. Louis Abukhalaf is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and Member at the American Dental Association; two prestigious associations that provide him with additional education and training in general and implant dentistry. He continues to build his knowledge and experience in modern dentistry by attending many continuing education courses in implant dentistry from organizations like the Pikos Institute and Carl Misch Implant Institute. We are passionate about providing all our patients with comprehensive dental care in a relaxing and safe environment, and we encourage you to ask questions during any part of your treatment. We look forward to providing you with experienced, gentle care at our modern facility!

A confident, beautiful smile is a functional, healthy smile. Contact our office to learn more about becoming a new patient.

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