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Dental Fear Is Common, Not Embarrassing

If the thought of visiting the dentist makes you afraid or anxious, you do not need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. You are not alone. Millions of Americans avoid making dental appointments every year due to fear. But, skipping routine hygiene cleanings puts you in danger of continual plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth and an increased risk for more serious issues, including gum recession or periodontal (gum) disease. We have a solution for those fearful of visiting the dentist—sedation dentistry. In addition to local anesthetic, we offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation for our patients who need assistance feeling relaxed and calm during treatment.

The Numerous Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Our sedation options can help you two-fold, by assisting you in feeling stress-free and relaxed during your appointment, but in also helping make any procedure virtually pain free. In addition, when you feel calm and compliant, it lets us complete the necessary dental work you need for restored oral health. We will address your sedation needs, then provide you the correct option. If at any point during treatment you begin to feel anxious, let us know and we will take the necessary steps to help you feel calm again.

Our Sedation Options:

Sedation Dentistry Carmel, IN

Nitrous oxide: Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a clear and odorless gas that puts you in a euphoric state during your procedure. The gas wears off quickly after the mask is removed and has no after effects.

Sedation Dentistry Carmel, IN

Oral Sedation: Patients with more moderate dental anxiety can take an oral sedative one hour before their appointment. Once the sedation sets in, you will feel very relaxed and will have little recollection of the appointment afterwards.

Sedation Dentistry Carmel, IN

Local anesthetic: A numbing technique that effectively blocks sensation at the treatment site. Anesthesia is safe and fast-acting, and wears off relatively soon after the procedure is over.

Total Patient Comfort Is Our Priority

We are dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all our patients. This means that we remain highly attentive to your dental anxiety and sedation needs, and will not perform any procedures unless you are fully numb. If, for any reason, we cannot get you to the necessary level of sedation, we will reschedule your appointment. No matter the level of sedation you need, we are here to help you enjoy your experiences at our office, not just endure them!

Do not let dental anxiety keep you from receiving the dental care you need! Schedule an appointment us to learn more.

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