Meet Dr. Louis Abukhalaf Carmel, IN


Dr. Abukhalaf

Education and Awards

  • B.S. in Chemistry with Biochemistry from Loyola University Chicago
    Graduated Summa Cum laude
    Earned the Merit Award for the top senior student
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery from Marquette university
    Graduated magna cum laude
    Earned the Dental Material Award
  • Surgical and Prosthetic programs from Misch Implant Institute 
  • A Fellow status of The International Congress of Oral Implantology

Dr. Louis Abukhalaf

After graduating high school in Jerusalem, Dr. Louis moved to Chicago at the age of 17 to embark on his dream of becoming a dentist. After earning his undergraduate degree at Loyola University and meeting his future wife Brittany Lane there, they both continued on to earn Doctorate Degrees in Dentistry from Marquette University in Milwaukee.  Despite the rigors of his education, and the challenges of adapting to a new home, Dr. Louis found his dreams realized.

Dr. Louis decided to bring his vision, of creating a dental practice centered on providing patients with a fun, engaging welcoming experience, to Indianapolis. He and his wife enjoy dining, shopping, immersing themselves in the city’s cultural offerings, and engaging with the local community.  They also enjoy travelling and spending time with family. Dr. Louis is a car enthusiast who is also passionate about soccer.  One may even catch him passionately watching international matches especially ones including Barcelona, his favorite team. Dr. Louis and Brittany call Indianapolis home.  They are very proud to serve the people of Indianapolis and cater to all of their dental needs.

Dr. Louis prides himself in always staying abreast of the latest clinical and technical evidence based advancements in dentistry.  Dr. Louis regularly attends domestic and international continued dental educational courses to remain knowledgeable and to gain new and current resources to deliver the best treatment for his patients.

Dentistry is a very unique health field. It relies on a balance of Science, Art, and Technology that allows patients to receive optimal care in the most comfortable, efficient, and gentle manner.”