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Enjoy Advanced, Gentle, Minimally Invasive Dentistry

SmileCentric is proud to offer comprehensive dental services for you and your family, and we are passionate about providing you with experienced care by integrating our training and skill with the latest dental technology. From oral cancer screenings to emergency dentistry, we strive to always put you first, so you can receive the oral health care your smile needs to stay healthy and happy. Our gentle, minimally invasive approach to dentistry will help you receive the personalized care you need in a comfortable and safe environment.

Additional dental services to ensure your oral health is on track

Preventive dentistry

Additional Services
Being proactive about your oral health helps ensure that fewer complications arise down the road. We provide preventative services that help protect teeth from the start and to catch any symptoms before anything becomes serious.

Family dentistry

Additional Services
We see adults and children for many dental services, including routine hygiene cleanings.

Oral pathology exam

Additional Services
We thoroughly examine the soft tissue of the mouth, specifically to check for any cysts, tumors, issues with the tongue, and any changes in color of the gums.

Composite fillings

Additional Services
For patients who have small to mid-sized cavities, we provide tooth-colored composite fillings to help restore and strengthen decayed or disfigured teeth.

Inlays & onlays

Additional Services
Teeth not decayed or damaged enough for a crown can benefit from an inlay (bonded within the tooth like a filling) or onlay (partial covering of the affected tooth area).


Additional Services
If the frenulum, excess tissue under the tongue or upper lip, impedes feeding in infants or speech in children or adults, we gently remove the tissue to free the tongue or lip.

Teeth grinding/bruxism treatment

Additional Services
We create custom appliances (mouth guards) that help keep teeth from touching so that grinding and clenching does not occur while the patient is sleeping.

Occlusal adjustment

Additional Services
For patients with more severe bruxism, we help relieve symptoms by slightly altering the surface of problem teeth to help create a more harmonious and aligned bite.

Emergency cases

Additional Services
We see patients same-day for dental emergencies, including tooth cracks or fractures, soft and hard tissue trauma, knocked-out teeth, and other cases.

How Important Is Maintaining Good Oral Health?

Healthy teeth and gums begin with being proactive about preventative care, including maintaining good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist twice a year for dental cleanings and check-ups. Though certain factors, like genetics or diabetes, can make it more difficult to keep your teeth and gums healthy, routine dentist appointments can be one of the best ways you can ensure your best and healthiest smile. Routine appointments can also help us catch symptoms early, when they may not be noticeable to you, so we can treat any complications of your oral health before they become major issues. We encourage all of our patients to visit us at least twice a year, and more often depending on your specific oral health needs.

Feel Confident About Your Oral Care

Providing comprehensive dental care all under the same roof is one way we strive to help our patients feel confident in their oral health and our services. From familiar faces to personalized and convenient care, our SmileCentric team is here to help you feel welcomed and well cared for no matter what treatments you may need. Dr. Louis Abukhalaf is passionate about ensuring that all your questions and concerns will be addressed, you feel safe and relaxed at every appointment, and you receive the best quality dental care possible.

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